Our Motto "Always listening, always understanding."

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I am Singarapu Srinivas and I started my career as LIC agent on 21/05/1989. It is a service-oriented job.


I am the person who worked for Branch President, Division President & Zonal President. In 1983 I was awarded for best experiment award from Our Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi & President  Sri.Neelam Sanjeevareddy at New Delhi Teenmoorthi Bhavan

Why Choose Us :

We at Singarapu Srinivas, Keep You and Your goals as Our priority. Not only the fulfillment of Your goals is our responsibility, but we also make sure that this entire journey of Making wealth becomes a safe & happy journey for you.

We have evolved ourselves as an eminent financial planning firm that is trusted for their professional competence, relied on for their unbiased & quality advisory.

Achievements  & My Positions :

I started my career as an Insurance & Health Advisor on 05/05/1989. Then Joined LIAFI in 1990. Since then I have achieved a lot of honorable positions in this business.


Here are some:

Branch LIAA President 1991 to 1996

Hyderabad Division Organising Secretary 1996 to 1998

Hyderabad Division Vice President 1998 to 2002

Hyderabad Division President 2002 to 2006

SCZone Vice President 2006 to 2008

Hyderabad Division President 2008 to 2010

All india Org. Sec 2011 to 2013

SCZ President 2012 to 2018

All India LIAFI president on  04/12/2018

Business performance

1993-94  BM'S ClubMember
1995-97. DM"S Club Member
1997-99 ZM"S Club Member
1999-2000 CM"S Club Member

Awards 3 times Bhima Schools

Since 21 years Qualifying for MDRT
Attended MDRT Annual Convention at Philadelphia 2013
Florida 2016 and Visited nearly 10 countries